Rapid Prototyping & Visual Thinking


In this training session, you will learn how to approach rapid prototyping of your innovation project as well as the methods to achieve this - for digital, physical, or service-driven services.

For modern product and service development, it is essential to validate the concept as early as possible with customers, users, budget providers, developers, designers and other stakeholders. Prototypes help this process by creating a clearer, common image of the concept and to highlight the critical points. More than anything else, rapid prototyping supports the ability to involve customers early in the development process.

In the training session, we will show a wide range of possibilities for rapid prototyping along the Prototyping Spectrum, from simple, so-called low-fidelity prototypes (paper prototypes, mock-ups, sketches, simple models, etc.) to high-fidelity prototypes (technologically supported, functional, testable, "production ready").

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