How we roll

Get-it-done content:
ShiftYard® training concepts reflect topicality, quality & applicability of the delivered contents.

Innovation Training


No one is better suited to convey the training content than our expert trainers, who work in their respective speciality every day. Yet, the underlying didactic concepts and the individual adaptation to your needs are carefully thought out by the ShiftYard core team.

Part of this - as an example - is the principle of interactivity and the direct application of the provided methods: No input must last longer than 30 minutes before the group goes back to practising.

On the shoulders of giants

The provided innovation tools and methods are based on the state-of-the-art of the world's most important innovation hubs. Giants of the Silicon Valley, the pragmatism of disruptive start-ups and the scientific background of academic innovation centers (like the Standford Institute of Design) all serve as inspiration for the constant adaptation of our contents.

Innovation Methods


Individual adaptation and TRANSFER

While preparing your inhouse-training we together define suitable use cases in the context of your organization. This ensures that the content is as relevant to the participants as possible.

We also make sure to take appropriate measures that foster the knowledge transfer from the training environment to your team's everyday challenge at the workplace (e.g. video calls with the trainer as a follow-up to each training).