INNOVATION is something you can learn.

Innovation training

ShiftYard® is an agency for Innovation Skills. Our goal is to help people co-create the future of their organizations by bringing innovations to life. Our trainings are designed to teach state-of-the-art methods and skills that are being used to develop innovative offerings, products and services.


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"Innovators are made, not born."

Our work results in companies with a stronger innovation output, organizations with an appetite for experimentation and people that make full use of their innovative potential.

The company

ShiftYard (ShiftYard GmbH) was established in 2014 and lives at the 'Impact Hub', a co-working space located in Vienna's Neubau district, a hotspot for the creative industries.
Our team of trainers mainly works in Central Europe and is available for international projects.

Business leaders are now compelled to build organizations that engage employees as sensitive, passionate, creative contributors.

Photo Credits: Tim Norburn

Photo Credits: Tim Norburn


Tobias (31) is a curious entrepreneurship & lean innovation enthusiast, project manager, methods geek, product developer, consultant, trainer, conference speaker and moderator. He's been working with national & international brands as well as start-up incubators and new ventures and shared his experience during talks in Europe and North America (US & Mexico).

Innovation Trainers



Our trainers are freelancing specialists in their respective field and spend their days applying exactly those methods themselves that are being tought in our innovation training programs. They combine their specialized know-how with ShfitYard training concepts & didactics.